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eero for installation professionals.

Reseller Benefits

Become a home WiFi hero.

Powerful performance

Instead of relying on a single router, multiple eeros connect in a wireless or wired configuration to form a mesh network that blankets any size or shape home in any configuration in fast, reliable TrueMeshâ„¢ WiFi.

Simple setup

With an easy step-by-step process, set-up can be done in minutes, not hours, leaving your technicians free for more complex services and projects. And with our CI-exclusive PoE+ Adapter and Mount, you can place eero's wherever you'd like.

VIP support

Highly trained representatives available to help solve any issue.

Installer-specific app features

Set up and remotely manage multiple client networks.

Remote Network Management

Remote Network Management saves unnecessary truck rolls and ensures you can check customer network health, troubleshoot networks, and reboot from anywhere. eero's entry-level version is free with every CI-exclusive sku of eero you setup.

Become a custom installer.

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